The 2nd Southern Triples Rally
Kangaroo Valley NSW
March 8 & 9 2014

Report Toby Bateman


The 2nd Southern Triples Rally was again based at the Glenmack Caravan Park in Kangaroo Valley NSW. This year the event was moved to March to take advantage of the warmer weather.

As the entrants started to roll in on the Friday afternoon, it became clear that as with our 2013 Rally it was going to be an all Trident event.

We had T150T, T150V, and T160 models represented, however as per last year no BSA Rocket 3's or Triumph Hurricanes turned up!

The non-appearance of R3's etc, gave the intrepid Trident riders a subject for discussion and much mirth, whilst enjoying a few refreshments around the barbecue on the Friday night.

Saturday dawned warm and clear and after a hearty cooked breakfast in the park's camp kitchen, the Triplers mounted their trusty Tridents and accompanied by a lone BSA twin (designated the 'token' Rocket 3), made their way to the coast through the beautiful Kangaroo Valley and over the Cambewarra Mountain.

The first stop on our 160km sojourn was Huskisson on the shores of Jervis Bay.

It was there that we received an urgent call from the Chef at our lunch stop. Ian advised that our intended route had been blocked by the Police as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

A quick route re-calculation was performed and an alternative (however far less interesting) route was formulated.

We did however arrive at our lunch stop at the Greville Corner Cafe at Sanctuary Point (highly recommended, great food and bike friendly) on time.

Chef Ian had put together two special meals for the event, the 'Trident Burger' and the 'Triple Burger' and both where absolutely spot on!

Once the Tridents and the Triples where devoured, we made our way back to Rally HQ via Nowra Hill and back across the Shoalhaven River.

Saturday night had us again in the camp kitchen telling tall tales and true whilst dining on roast beef and salad and of course the 'odd' beverage.

This year in keeping with the 'laid back' nature of the event, we decided to only present one trophy for either the most outstanding machine or the longest distance travelled to the event. The trophy was awarded to Steve and Jo Kelly (yes, Mr & Mrs Tri-Spark), they had travelled all the way from South Australia to join us.

Sunday morning again dawned warm and sunny, so after another of our now famous hot breakfasts, some of the entrants packed up to head back to whence they came.

The rest of the Tripler's decided to head over to Berry (site of the annual Kickstart Rally) via Woodhill Mountain.

This was another great run past mountain grazing properties and the occasional multi-million dollar 'hobby farm'. After wandering the streets of Berry and their somewhat touristy shops, the Triplers made their way back to Kangaroo Valley, with a lucky few still having a day left in this magnificent part of Australia.

So ended the second Southern Triples Rally, no incidents, no breakdowns, just a great weekend riding legendary machines and enjoying good company.

- Toby Bateman

Photos by Trevor Fowler


photos by Trevor Fowler