Adelaide Hills

Southern Triples Rally #5

was held in Hahndorf, South Australia,
from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th March 2017
From: Adelaide Triples
Sent: Wednesday, 26 April 2017
Subject: Triples Rally Report and Photos

Hello Triple Fans,

Thank you all for coming together in Hahndorf last month to make the 5th Southern Triples Rally (and the first in SA) such an enjoyable weekend.  

You will find attached the rally report and a link to some photographs. 
We are still gathering photos together and will let you know when we have completed the album. 
If any of you have some good photographs from the weekend, feel free to send them through.

Keep in touch and hopefully, see you again at another Triples Rally if not before.

 Kind regards

Your Southern Triples Rally Committee
Gerry Rowley, Steve Cramp, Geoff Kemp, Steve and Joanne Kelly

5th Southern Triples Rally Report:

5th Southern Triples Rally Photos:

Rally Organisers:
Gerry Rowley - Geoff Kemp - Stephen and Joanne Kelly - Steve Cramp

STR organisers

Jeff Skillen