2019-04-13 Bega

On the weekend of 13-14 April, Bob and Judy once again hosted  a great TMRA weekend in Bega. After what is generally called ‘a convivial evening’ at the Grand Hotel on Friday, we met at Café Evolve on Saturday morning before setting off on the Bega-Brown Mountain-Bombala-Wyndham-Myrtle Mountain loop. While only four or five club members were available to ride on this weekend, we were joined by another half a dozen Bega identities, making for a nice group to benefit from perfect riding conditions. Only a couple of old bikes were present, Trev’s Trident and Paul’s ’67 BSA twin. The Beeza got along very nicely, thank you very much; by the time we caught up to Paul at Bombala he’d had three pies and a sleep!

Bob and Judy put on a great feast on Saturday night, and Bob’s chicken wings would have been the highlight of the night except for Judy’s trifle and Shari’s cheesecakes. And Mad Dog’s dancing—though most in attendance are probably trying to forget that! For everyone in the discussion about Norman Gunston and Frank Zappa, here is the clip from Garry McDonald’s ABC TV show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qf14Evmx5pg

Those who were able to get to Bega had a great time; here’s hoping we can return to our usual club turnout numbers next year.